NO colds, NO Covid, NO flu, NO sinus problems, NO respiratory issues, etc.


We sell out each year and that is by design. In late April, I will again start bottling our Beyond Organic Wine, pressing our Elderberry Elixir using the hydraulic cold press, making low sugar jams and syrups, jarring up the untainted blueberry blossom honey and if supply allows, selling some Childs Beyond Organic frozen blueberries to hold customers over until harvest begins mid July.

Because we recognize people are relying on our Elderberry Elixir for health we have made it available in limited supply by shipping during our off season. Nobody makes an Elderberry product as effective as ours, in my opinion, because they all take shortcuts. If you message me, I can put you in contact with a retailer who will ship until the supply is depleted. Around end of April, I will again have it for sale on the farm direct if you want to drive there. Just text Farmer Dan at 716 378 2895 to arrange a good time for us to meet at Childs Blueberries, 3172 Cooper (Google says, "Wilbur Rd.) Hill Road, Humphrey Township, Hinsdale, NY 14743

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Thank you. Farmer Dan

After taking a tablespoon a day for a year, both Carrie and I, "NO colds, NO Covid, NO flu, NO sinus problems, NO respiratory issues, etc."
Thank you to all who stocked up at our farm markets during harvest season! Continue to message us your testimonials please!

Our Elderberry Elixir is concentrated like a tincture so it is at least 3 or 4 times stronger than others products. Maybe that is why a tablespoon a day really works so well--its like 3 or 4 tablespoons of the "I want a higher profit margin" other guys products; plus, we are farmers and actually grow elderberries!
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Our Elderberry Elixir works! Other sellers list ingredients as water, honey, elderberry...
That means more water than honey, more honey than elderberry...that is a lot of $ to pay for water.

Other sellers not only dilute their product, they use re-hydrated dried European Elderberries which are said to be organic except in Europe, if the elderberries grow wild next to a farm that sprays, they get drift but the elderberries are still considered organic. Plus, European elderberries have an off flavor our American Elderberries do not plus, American elderberries have more of the good stuff, according to a University of Missouri study.

On Thursday before leaving town, my mom dragged me up a mountain to make me try some elderberry elixir from Childs Blueberries. It tasted decent and the information looked good so I gave it a go.
Keep in mind I was SICK for a week and was taking DayQuil, NyQuil and Mucinex. My mom made me chicken soup and had the humidifier going. I laid around A LOT.
I took some of the elderberry elixir three times a day on Thursday and Friday. Friday I went to work for half the day. Today, I’m cleaning my kitchen and dancing around to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack! I also didn’t take any DayQuil or Mucinex today either.
I have to make sure not to overdo it but I’m feeling like I’m FINALLY headed in the right direction. I already did an online order for another bottle so I can continue taking it to stay healthy and boost my immune system!
Their website is here if you’d like to check it out. They also have more info on their FB page.

We had 4 workers replacing windows and other construction on our house. They came in sneezing, coughing, runny noses and said they would probably not be in the next day and that they were probably going to make us sick. I said, "probably not as we take a tablespoon of my Elderberry Elixir each day. I gave each a tablespoon in the morning, one at lunch and another before they left. Next day, their symptoms were half. I repeated my elixir. Next day symptoms almost gone and by third day, gone. Most colds hang on weeks or months. That is what a good Elderberry Elixir does for you. We did not get their cold, BTW.

A lady working on our farm this summer has been plagued with hot flashes. She started taking my Elixir for general health. She says, I have so much energy! But then after three weeks of a tablespoon of elixir in her water bottle each day she notices she had not had a hot flash for a few days. She was in her glory; however, she flew south to visit family and after 5 days of no elixir, the hot flashes started up again. Once she got back home and on the Elixir, hot flashes gone.

Lady comes up to me at the farmers market. Says, "Farmer Dan, I want you to know I have been taking your Elixir everyday for 3 weeks and I have asthma and a cough for as long as I can remember but now my lungs are clear and the cough is gone. I just wanted you to know" She then bought enough Childs Elderberry Elixir to last the winter.

So many Mom's at the farmers markets stocking up on our Childs Elderberry Elixir giving the school age children a teaspoon a day to fight off school house germs. I should have recorded a few of them a they would convince even the most notorious skeptic! No honey to babies under 1 year old, BTW.

Customer approaches me at market. Says, I bought your Elixir last week and now I want a case! She said her whole family came down with the flu. Between the four of them they went through a 16 oz. jar of my Elixir but recovered in 24 hours to 75% and 100% in 48 hours.

I really need to start collecting testimonials. My testimonial is I take a tablespoon each morning in my smoothie or with an egg breakfast. I am 63 and take no medication. Same with my wife, Carrie. Neither of us has been sick in a very long time.

have remarkable energy.